Four renowned flower artists show how to paint beautiful paintings in watercolour and acrylics, and there are free pull-out outlines so that you can bypass the drawing stage. Wendy Tait uses transparent watercolour washes and luminous, glowing colours; Fiona Peart allows vibrant washes to run into each other in a spontaneous yet controlled way; Michael Lakin paints beautiful, detailed botanical studies; and Wendy Jelbert uses acrylics to paint lovely, varied flower studies. Learn to paint tulips, irises, poppies, sunflowers, roses and much more.


There are four projects in Wendy Tait's delicate watercolour style, featuring transparent washes and luminous, glowing colors. Fiona Peart paints poppies in a free style with scribbling and splatterings of paint, then a bouquet of sunflowers in a more structured style. There are four projects in the botanical style by Michael Lakin, who shows how to paint graded washes, leaving highlights, and then build up stronger washes wet on dry, adding shading and form to produce beautiful, detailed results. Wendy Jelbert paints three varied flower studies in acrylics and demonstrates how to use both watercolour and oil techniques.


Based on the following books published by Search Press:

Ready to Paint: Watercolour Flowers by Wendy Tait

Ready to Paint: Flowers in Acrylics by Wendy Jelbert

Ready to Paint: Botanical Flowers by Michael Lakin

Ready to Paint: Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour by Fiona Peart



Trace & Paint Flowers - Wendy Jelbert, Wendy Tait, Michael Lakin and Fiona Peart



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