Derivan Block Ink Medium and Extender is a versatile medium which can be used in two ways to create fantastic relief prints. As an extender - add to Derivan Block Ink colour's to extend and make your colour's more transparent without losing the body of then paint as would it happen when adding water. As a medium - add Derivan Acrylics to Block Ink Medium and Extender to create block ink from the paint.

When using as an extender add from 1:9 to 9:1 ratio of Block Ink Medium & Extender to Derivan Block Ink colour. Up to about 3:7 ratio the colour will be extended, after this the colour will start to become more transparent. Tackiness may also increase. When using as medium to turn acrylic paint into block ink a ratio of 6:4 Block Ink Medium & Extender to Derivan Acrylic colours is recommended.

Derivan Block Ink Medium (& Extender)



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