Matisse Light Modelling Paste is a new impasto product that has the same qualities as our regular MM2 Impasto medium, but with a lighter texture and finish. Like traditional impasto products, Light Modelling Paste is used to build relief and texture. It can be used on its own or mixed with paint, ink or pigment.

Light Modelling Paste and Impasto medium:

  • Light Modelling Paste is lighter in weight than regular Impasto.
  • Light Modelling Paste dries to a matte white finish unlike Impasto that dries to cream, satin-gloss finish.
  • Both take acrylic paint well .
  • Both can be blended together for interesting textural effects.
  • The slight texture of the Light Modelling Paste makes it suitable for use with dry pastels where the texture of Impasto maybe too smooth to be suitable for this purpose.

Matisse MM32 Light Modelling Paste



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